This tumblr is dedicated to My Little Pony. I post my own art here, my collection, and the occassional collection reblog from people whom I think have really nice set ups that are inspiring. I'll also reblog pictures of my wants and stuff I see while I'm out from time to time.

If you don't want to sift through the blog when it gets bigger, you can always sift through the art tag in the navigation. Do you like my art and want a piece of your own? I will do in exchange for money or ponies from my wishlist Just send me a note or e-mail gothicsugart at

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Dream Valley thermos

(I also have the lunchbox with the sticker which came off and is being kept as I have two of these thermoses)

Rainbow Curl Ponies lunchbox, I do have the thermos as well, but need to locate it (might hang on to that actually, haven’t decided yet.)  It’s in much better shape than the lunchbox which is weird but that’s how they were when I got them.

This is one of those things that I don’t want to sell but probably will.  I’m getting a price check and am posting here so I’ll have an easier link.


It never fails.  I tell myself that I’m going to sell off most of the ponies that I have in spite of spending all summer drawing to trade for them (literally I only bought two or three this year) and try not to buy anymore or even do trades when I see some from my wishlist (mini plushie Applejack and Strawberry Surprise) just lying in the thrift store needing some TLC.  It’s not even the one I usually go to, I was just there with my brother who was looking for something.  Maybe I should just get into restoration along with drawing.

What do you think?  And is anyone really even interested in buying my art?

2007 generation one collector’s reproductions.  Flat Foot ponies in collector’s pose

$2 each  US only, paypal only  add $3 each for shipping.  If buying the lot, just add $6 and they’ll be sent priority flat rate

Shipping is not included.  Please add $3 per pony US only.  Apple Delight and all the Applejacks and Apple Family, please add $6, they’ll be shipped priority flat rate.

Apple Delight Family $40

Candy Apple $4

g3 Apple Jack $4

g4 (mlp fim) Applejack and Apple Family $42

g1 Applejack.  Seriously don’t want to sell her, so I’m leaving her without a price for now

contact me via tumblr or at gothicsugarart [at]  <-that is NOT my paypal

Paypal, US only

Shipping is not included on the prices.  Please add an extra $3 per pony.  US only

Parasol $2

Posey $6

Sweet Pop $12

contact me at gothicsugarart [at] (this is not my paypal) or via tumblr